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Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called

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Welcome and Hello !



My name is Michael. I live in Berlin and am a technical manager in a great television production company in the professional life. Therefore, I also deal occupationally a lot with the Internet and computers generally. Otherwise I enjoy the possibilities of the great town, cook with pleasure, and go with pleasure together with my life partner with the bicycle through this thrilling town. Berlin changes at the moment daily and one can hardly observe all things thatchange here constantly.

Unfortunately, I get around more and more seldom to maintain these sides. The times in which I have made night after night Flash films are over also. There are in the life also more important matters than the Internet...


Often enough I would have taken these sides Dearest completely from the net - the Internet develops at a rapid speed and in contrast to the beginnings of this medium today the Internet is used with great self-evident fact. Also any more many users are not interested in personal homepages. For few visitors who find these sides interesting the expenditure has still blazed - it is great fun to me also and, besides, one can learn a lot. The sides have changed in the course of the years from a simple side to a complete web design and almost all modern technologies find their use in these sides. Besides, the formative and technological side, unfortunately, has interested me more than the contents.


If somebody wants to know how I have made one or others, or if somebody requires assistance with the creation of own sides - I am always open for inquiries, communications or also review.








More importantly than the Internet is to me there, for example, my life partner Thomas with whom I am friends now for many years and with which I have come the formal life partnership with the registry office in Berlin in summer of 2005. I met Thomas first exactly on 6.12.1988 on a parking bay in the motorway circuit of Cologne.


There were also in our relation certainly already some heights and depths - however, the most important is that we could remember, nevertheless, over and over again on the together experienced and really nice matters of the life and appeal.





After countless variants of my appearance on the Internet these sides are a draught on the actual technical state. Since the start of these sides many years ago I have dealt with many technologies of the WWW. If I was glad at the beginning to get HTML somewhat on the row, I had to learn later also things) like CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and DOM.


These sides show personal matters, recollections and opinions without demand to perfection or even well-balanced contents. I have inserted a lot of music in these sides those of my style direction and will not have met with thus certainly the wide taste - these are just personal sides. Flash films take a wide room in the representation. Only with Flash I can "visualise" my thoughts - also this does not meet certainly everybody's taste.


The virtual computer " HAL 9000 " is my masterpiece in the matter of Flash. Who investigates these sides, however, can find also certainly for itself interesting corners... For stimulation and review I am always open.01






These sides were tested most extensively with the actual versions of the Internet Explorer and the Mozilla Firefox under Windows.


It is important for all users of the Firefox that a Plugin is installed for the Microsoft media Player in the Firefox. The link for downloading this Plugin is located below.


Without this Plugin the media Player in Firefox can not be used in such a way that he is accessible by Java Script - however, this is the condition for working of my films. All Flash films do communicate with Java Script to the HTML Page or directly with the media Player.


That's why the multimedia sides can also not work on computers without Active-X, for example not Windows systems. I am sorry on this. On the other hand, the server logs show me that I can reach with thus still more than 90% of all visitors.


As above-said these sides need, in addition, the Flash player, as well as the media Player. Both players versions are already included in Windows. The Flash player, as well as the media Player must not necessarily be in the newest version.


I can make no statement at the moment on Windows Vista. It lacks me in addition simply of a suitable test system. Should a visitor of these sides already work with Vista, I am grateful for any indication to the behaviour of these sides under Vista!


For these sides required Plugins:

Flashplayer Flash Plugin Media 9 Media Player Take Firefox Plugin


To instal the Firefox Plugin perform "manual Installation" from the plugin installation dialog. Win200 Users can download the desired DLL here. Copy this DLL to the Firefox "plugins" directory. This DLL may work also in the Opera browser.


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